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 Finally 3D TVs are here !

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Finally 3D TVs are here ! Empty
PostSubject: Finally 3D TVs are here !   Finally 3D TVs are here ! EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 4:55 am

Samsung announced world's first 3d tv kit on 10th March 2010.It was huge change in the world of TVs.javascript:emoticonp('Shocked')

TVs before some years where Huge and heavy black n White TVs.javascript:emoticonp('Sad')After That CTVs(Colour TVs)Came
They were also Huge and heavy.After this LCDs and Plasma.After that LEDs came.And Now its time for 3D TVsjavascript:emoticonp('Very Happy')

Sony announced first 3d tv kit on 10th June 2010

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Finally 3D TVs are here !
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